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Hose wall: Viton-coated polyester fabric External helix: galvanized steel Color: red Temperature Range: -15°F up to +410°F, intermittent to +465°F . Appliions. Chemical industry; Extraction of corrosive aggressive media in medium temperature range; Paint mist exhaustion; Low pressure appliions; Properties. Excellent chemical resistance; High temperature resistant; Excellent …

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Neoprene Chemical Hose. Temperature Range: -30°F up to 260°F. Clip-Silicone High Temperature Hose. Temperature Range: -75°F up to 570° Vinyl-EC A/C Hose . Temperature Range: -5°F up to 160°F. Viton (Fluoroelastomer) Chemical Hose. Temperature Range: -15°F up to 410°F. Neo 1 & Neo 2 Hoses. Temperature Range: -60°F up to 270°F. Sil 1

VITON-HT Chemical Resistant High Temp Heat Shrink Tubing

Viton®-HT tubing has a continuous operating temperature from -55°C to +200°C, up to +400°C for short periods. The product is printed with its description and size. This tubing is especially suitable as a protection for wiring in missiles, aircraft and throughout chemical plants. Resistant to impact, abrasion and mechanical abuse is an

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High Temperature and Chemical Resistant. Semi-rigid Kynar heat shrink (/8) Teflon PTFE (/12) PTFE Heat shrink (2:1) - 4ft per piece; 4:1 PTFE Heat Shrink 4ft per piece; FEP (/11) FEP 1.3:1 Heat Shrink Tubing (4ft/piece) 1.6:1 FEP Heat Shrink Tubing (4ft/piece) FEP Roll Cover; Adhesive Lined Teflon (PTFE) FEP/PTFE (standard wall) Dual Shrink tubing (4ft per piece) …

Silicone tubing

PTFE teflon tubing is commonly referred to as Teflon tubing. Teflon refers to three fluoropolymer plastic resins: PTFE, FEP, and PFA. These three plastics share common properties such as lubricity, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and more. There are slight mechanical differences that make each tube uniquely suited for different appliions.

High Temperature Viton Rubber Tubing, Very Flexible, Black

Feelers 9mm ID x 12mm OD High-Strength Silicone Tubing Thick Food Grade High Temp Pure Silicon Tube High Temp Home Brewing Winemaking Silicone Hose Tubing, 9.84ft Length 4.5 out of 5 stars 71 $11.99 $ 11 . 99 ($1.22/Feet)

Master-Clip VITON® | Temperature-Resistant Hoses up to

Master-Clip VITON® Medium and high temperature hose for temperatures up to +210°C. Technical Drawing. Connections. Hose Connector; Hose Reducer, symmetrical; Clip-Grip Hose Clamp, screwable ; Clip-Grip Quick-Fix Clamp; Construction. Material. clip profile spiral: hot-dip galvanised steel band; wall: Viton®-coated polyester fabric; Appliions. Suction/extraction of …

Pressure Washer O-Rings for 3/8" Quick Coupler, High

Pressure Washer O-Rings for 3/8" Quick Coupler, High Temperature Viton (10 pack) SKU: CI-AMUW-OMJR. $12.49. $12.49. Unavailable. per item. Viton Rubber is compatible with many chemicals and cleaners. 3/8" QC fittings use these 1/2" o-rings in pressure washer hoses/wands. Tear and abrasion resistant.

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FD1 is a top quality rubber duct hose for high temperature air flow and fume removal. A two-ply fiberglass, coated with silicone gives a rating of 500 deg F, and the smooth bore allows for maximum air flow. 3/4" to 12" diameters. -75F to 500F. Details. VB1 UTILITY BLOWER . VB1 is a lightweight, economical, and durable utility hose is designed for maximum airflow in positive …

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Viton® Rubber is a high performance rubber compound designed for use when it is necessary to contain fluids that would degrade normal elastomers. All Seals also recommends additional high temperature material options, including: Compressed Non-Asbestos, Fiberfrax® Ceramic Fiber, PTFE (Teflon®), Flexible Graphite & Carbon, Nomex®, andKapton®. Compressed Non …

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TT/VITON/INOX. One layer rubber hose braided with stainless steel , suitable for high concentration and high temperature fuels and chemical products Temp: -10°C +200°C. Download the technical sheet. egory: Braided hoses. Structure. Technical data. Tube: smooth VITON rubber Specific weight: Gr/cc 1,96 Hardness Shore (ASTM D 2240) A: 75 +/-5

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V Viton Tubing made from 100% pure Viton. Viton is a high performance synthetic rubber. The tubing offers a wide range of both temperature and chemical resistance Viton Tube is used in appliions such as appliances, chemical transfer, hot lubriion feeds, o-rings and seals, fuel and oil lines, cable jacketing, exhaust lines, solvent transfer, and peristaltic pumps.

Chemical Resistant High Temperature Fluoroelastomer Tubing

Chemical Resistant High Temperature Fluoroelastomer Tubing. Fluoroelastomer Tubing withstands a wide variety of chemicals, oils, and fuels and is more flexible than PTFE Tubing. *Please contact [email protected] or call 1-844-365-7315 to learn about pricing and purchase minimums* Part Nuer: ZUSA-HT-257. Lead Time: This item requires 6-8 weeks …

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6782. Viton. keep light sensitive samples safe. Global market leader in range of formulations for most extensive chemical compatibility. Appliions: Acid and solvent transfer; high-temperature work. Characteristics: Opaque black. Certifiion: Tubing is manufactured according to GMP. Temperature range: –25 to 399°F.

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5/2/2016· Temperature: Viton® seals can withstand temperatures up between -20 ° C to 210 ° C. Viton® seals are prone to failure below -15 ° C in dynamic appliions, as they become inflexible and hard. General Suitability: Viton® is best suited for diverse sealing jobs that require high temperature and chemical resistance.

Viton® Heat Shrinkable Tubing - HEAT SHRINK VITON TUBING

Viton® heat shrinkable tubing offers the same outstanding properties found in Neoprene with the addition of high temperature performance up to 200°C. Viton® resistance to fuels, lubricants, acids and solvents at high temperatures which makes it suitable for a variety of appliions.

VITON-HT - Heat shrinkable, chemical resistant high

resistant high temperature tubing Features & Benefits • Flame Retardant • Shrink ratio 2:1 • Operating temperature range -55°C to +200°C Specifiions Military Def Stan 59 - 97 Issue 3 Type 4A VG95343 Part 5 Type D Appliions Hilltop Viton-HT premium heat-shrinkable tubing is fabried from a cross linked flouroelastomer material, designed for a wide range of …

High Temperature Fluoroelastomer Hose (Like Viton® Hose

Our Grade A High Temperature Fluoroelastomer Hose (same material used in Viton hose) is intended for biodiesel appliions, but can be used in many other various appliions. It is 100% compatible with B100 (100% biodiesel). Please check chemical compatibility charts for Type A hose if you intend to use other corrosive fluids. The 20% Fluoroelastomer hose is compatible …

Viton™ High-Performance Fluoroelastomers

Products made with Viton™ fluoroelastomers retain their flexibility, shape, and seal when exposed to chemicals and high temperatures. Viton™ FreeFlow™ extrusion process aids also improve processing, increase output, and reduce waste. Featured Industries. Demanding environments require components that can perform without downtime or breakdown.

Viton Gasket - Camlock Fittings

Viton Gasket. Used for high temperature, concentrated chemicals or very corrosive appliions. Used to replace standard Cam & Groove Gaskets. Highly Chemical resistant, Highly Corrosive resistant and High Temperature Resistant. They have a temperature rating of -22°F to 212°F.

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1/4" Viton Brown High Temp O-ring. For temperatures up to 400 degrees F. Fits all 1/4" quick connects. Sold individually or in packs of 25. A pressure washer O-ring is a small round gasket that''s used to give a water tight seal between hose, nozzle, and wand connections. O-rings are generally made of EPDM rubber, to help ensure a long working life. It doesn''t matter if your …

RaceFlux Lightweight Nylon Braided Viton Hose for Fuel and Oil

RaceFlux''s RH1 lightweight racing hose is 33% lighter than stainless braided hose and much easier to assele and work with. This 4-layer hose is SAE J30 R9 rated and features a Viton Fluoroelastomer (FKM) inner layer for compatibility with nearly all automotive fluids including fuel, engine oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, coolants, water, air and vacuum.

Heat shrinkable tubing 2:1 - Fluoroelastomer VITON®-E-12.7

12/12/2021· Viton®-E is used for reliable protection against aggressive chemicals in high temperature environments like engine compartments and turbines. It is also used when protective tubings are required to remain flexible at low temperatures.

VITON® Fluorelastomers An overview - Rubber Technology

High temperature resistance +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ Low temperature resistance + 0 - ++++ ++ + + Compression-set +++ ++ + + + + + + : The more + signs, the better the relative values are. Note: From these families, all possible parts can be produced. 1. Maximum temperature resistance of various compounds Type Temperature resistance Kalrez® max. …

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Features of Viton® Tubing (aka VITUBE®) Made of 100% pure Viton, a high performance synthetic rubber. Excellent temperature resistance: -40°F to 400°F continuously; 600°F periodically. Offers the widest range of fluid and chemical resistance of any commercial rubber. Excellent resistance to oils, fuels, lubricants, and most mineral acids.

Viton Rubber Pipe Joint Flexible Straight Rubber Joint

High temperature viton rubber joint connection : I plant the production of high-temperature rubber flexible connection is the use of a new type of rubber endometrial process, after continuous high temperature vulcanization, the process of using products with superior high voltage performance, but also have a superior anti-pull-off performance and so on.

Viton Chemical Compatibility Chart

Viton withstands high temperature better than most other elastomers, and retains its good mechanical properties. Oil and chemical resistance are also essentially unaffected by elevated temperatures. Compounds of Viton remain substantially elastic indefinitely when exposed to laboratory air oven aging up to 204°C or to intermittent exposures up to 316°C. High …

HPS FKM Lined Fuel Oil Resistant Silicone Hoses Viton

The HPS Performance FKM lined silicone hose is a specially developed hose with a fluoroelastomer liner in our world class silicone hoses. HPS Performance FKM lined silicone hoses can provide superior resistance to the harshness of gasoline, diesel, and automotive oils. The FKM lined hose can be used where the fluid flowing through the hose would traditionally …

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Heat—Viton withstands high temperature and simultaneously retains its good mechanical proper-ties better than most other elastomers. Oil and chemical resistance also are relatively unaffected by elevated temperatures. Compounds of Viton remain usefully elastic indefinitely when exposed to laboratory air oven aging up to 204°C (400°F) or to intermittent test …

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2:1 High Temp Viton Heat Shrink Tubing Available in 1/8" - 1-1/2" Diameters, 25 Ft Or Bulk Spools. Viton Heat Shrink Tubing Features. Ideal For High Temperature & Solvent Exposure Environments; Shrink Ratio: 50% or More in Radial Direction, 20% or Less in Ascial Direction ; Temperature: Minus 40º C (Minus 40º F) to 200ºC (392ºF) AMS-CTL-23053/13 (Formerly MIL …